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Dr Pallotta is Founder and is currently managing 4 Women’s Mental Health Private Practices, plus a Women Against Domestic Violence non profit organization.


Bringing local women together for events, workshops and community outreach programs designed to educate and empower women on their own health and well-being.

A Women’s Lifecycle

Exploring the emotional challenges at all stages of a women’s life; Adolescent, Young Adult, Pregnancy & Post-Partum, Peri-menopause and Menopause.

Women’s Mental Health Advocate

Non-profit organizations, groups and articles covering special interests relating to women’s empowerment programs.

“I struggled with the decision of whether to start a Mental Health Private Practice. I wanted to work with women and help them learn how to avoid continuing the destructive cycle of their family system. I was confident that this was my strength and decided that a Private Practice would be the best way for me to reach the women in need and achieve my own goal, to motivate women and to help them overcome lifes hurdles, push forward and have productive, happy lives.”
Dr. Nicoletta Pallotta

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Private Practices

Dr. Pallotta’s extensive experience in women’s mental health, coupled with her ongoing commitment, passion and dedication to women’s needs, distinguishes her at the forefront of Women’s Mental Healthcare.

She founded and is currently managing 3 Mental Health Private Practices, an online Counseling Practice and a Non Profit Organization.


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“My service learning experience impacted me in a couple of different ways. Firstly, it showed me a perspective I had never seen before. At CHiPS, I worked for about five hours a day, standing up for 90% of those hours, and there was never a restful moment. From the minute I got there, I joined […]

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